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A.C. Model Boats is proud to introduce an complete line of superfast, record breaking cats that corner with no bad habits. If you are in the market for a catamaran, look no further because these are the best handling, finest quality hulls available. Try the 3.5 size Lightning Cat, 7.5 Blast Cat, 11-13cc Nitro Cat, the "New" 7.5-13cc Flash Cat 35, 15cc King Cat I, and II, and the soon to be released Flash Cat 40 for Nitro or Gas. These hulls come standard in a high gloss white gel-coat finish, with stringers drilled and installed. Optional colors and stripes are available.

LIGHTNING CAT- 27.75" X 12.5" For 3.5cc Engines

NITRO CAT- 36" X 14" For 11-13cc Engines

FLASH CAT 35- 35" X 15" For 7.5-13cc Nitro Engines

KING CAT I- 44" X 17" For 15cc Nitro

FLASH CAT 40 For 15cc Nitro, 22.5cc Zenoah, and Quickdraw