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Introducing the all new Lynx 3D

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The Lynx 3D represents the latest in technology, offering advanced features that willc allow you to fine tune your vehicle for optimum performance.


10 Model Memory

TX Nicads w/ charger

Standard Dual Rate Steering

Auto D/R (Two adjustable rates per throttle position)

Anti Lock Brakes

3 Channels

End Point Adjustments


ATL Braking Adjust

Idle Up

Timer Up/Down

DSC (Direct Servo Control)

Removable Module

Right/Left Hand Capable

Digital Trims

Part# 123271 Lynx 3D, 27mHz, Tx nicads, DCX Dual Conversion Rx, (no servos)

Part# 123751 Lynx 3D, 75mHz, Tx nicads, DCX Dual Conversion Rx, (no servos)