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Entry level, Race ready!

Hitecs Lynx 2 Channel AM Radio Control System is the most affordable entry level radio you can buy. To top it off, the Lynx offers features like steering dual rate and an external charging jack that are only found on more expensive systems. The exclusive SRO (Servo Rate Overide) button give you full steering with one push. The Lynx AM offers you the features you'll need to win your next race at a price you can afford.


A quick flip of this conviently located switch gives you full rate steering to get out of those tight jams.

Part# 121271 Lynx AM, 27mHz, HAS-2MB Rx, (2) HS-303 servos, servo reverse

Part# 121751 Lynx AM, 75mHz, HAS-2MB Rx, (2) HS-303 servos, servo reverse